Inner Core. Outer Core. Connect.

Core fitness is a phrase you have likely heard at gyms, doctors’ offices, or in yoga or Pilates classes, but having a strong “inner core” means much more than having washboard abs. My philosophy as a physical therapist is that the inner core muscles, when strengthened properly, do far more than simply support your posture or help you as an athlete. I believe that your inner core awareness not only impacts your body’s overall physical performance but also creates a sense of personal empowerment and accomplishment.

Maybe you have been told by a trainer or coach that you are doing well, but you are not fully engaging your inner core. But maybe you’re not sure where your inner core is, let alone how to engage it! I’d like to help you restore your confidence, access your core muscles, and embark on a path to wellness.

As you may know, the inner core plays a big role in the daily function of our urinary, bowel, and sexual systems. Yet, communicating your pain can be difficult or even embarrassing to talk about even though these systems affect your body and mind every single day. My goals are to give you a safe and comfortable space in which to openly talk with me about your pain, to offer you information and encouragement, and to dispel any myths you may have heard about pelvic floor therapies.

As you learn to nurture yourself, and to access your inner core, you will no longer perceive this area of your body as forbidden or somehow not worthy of therapeutic attention. Attaining wellness is your choice. It is in your power, and together we can untangle any prior diagnoses and feelings of helplessness or victimization to determine the best course of recovery for you.

Through a variety of exercises, stretches, and other therapeutic strategies, you’ll see results in your better posture, pain free workouts, normalized control of everyday functions, and improved enjoyment of sex. Along the way, I will help you discover an inner greatness and a real connection to your outer core.

It’s your body — let’s celebrate its greatness.